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This young rapper and songwriter was born in 1980. Him and his family survived the horrors of Cambodia’s killing fields. After losing his mother in the process, his family fled to the United States. Life was rough growing up for him without a mother. His father was never in his life, so that made it even tougher. He was raised by his grandmother and aunt. Going through the struggles of an immigrant in America, his family lived very poor. They settled in New York and later moved to Louisiana. With no father figure in his life he dropped out of school and started hustling drugs. By the age of 18 he was living on his own. Despite the fast life, he managed to release two underground albums by the age of 23. Without a major label behind him, he still sold over 23,000 copies in the streets. He establish a buzz and a nice size fan base for himself in the midwest. But in 2004 his life and music career came to a stop. Arrested for drug dealing, he ended up serving 7 years in prison. After serving time in Kentucky, he was later picked up by federal authorities and finished his time there. Now a free man again, he vows too restore his rap career and take it to new heights. Only 2 months after his release, he already finished a mixtape and now working on his new album. Dubbed the “BEST ASIAN RAPPER ALIVE” by his peers, streets been highly anticipating his next project. He brings reality to is music like never heard before. Lyrically raw, his music is the definition of pain, poverty,struggle and success. Never forgotten his roots, he reminds the world of his homeland (Cambodia) in his music. He now lives in where he calls “his adopted home”, New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up there made his rap style unique and diverse. An asian rapper with a southern flow like no other. His music will lyrically grab your attention and make you a fan. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!

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